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 Forest Desert Hills Urban Mangrove trees in Everglades Domestic 
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average height 4-5 ft.
Location / range Charon
Diet Carnivore
Social unit Pack
Population status Common
Danger rating Extreme threat
Created by Dyga19
More species by Dyga19

Xyzaak (zai-zack) are wolf-sized carnivores native to Charon.

Some Charonite tribes have managed to domesticate xyzaak, and keep them as pets and hunting companions. Some tribes have tamed the creatures for so long that they are now fully immune to xyzaak poison.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

Xyzaak vaguely resemble Earth's canines or big cats in appearance. They are swift, agile predators, equipped with two poisonous stingers. The stingers are attached to two arm like appendages, capable of extending several feet in front of the creature. These stingers are filled with a paralyzing toxin that quickly kills their prey. Their four mandibles are full of razor sharp teeth, and they have six eyes capable of seeing extremely far into the infrared spectrum. The xyzaak's mandibles are lined with specialized cells that detect both scent and electromagnetism.


Xyzaak are fierce pack hunters. Packs can have up to 30 individuals and claim territory as large as 10 square miles. Each pack is led by an alpha male, the strongest and oldest xyzaak in the area. The alpha male alone mates with the females, ensuring all young will be of his genetic line. If obtained at a young age, it is possible to tame xyzaak.

Males are responsible for hunting and securing food for the pack, while females are responsible for guarding the young and defending their territory from other xyzaak. Unlike other species on Charon, these creatures are capable of seeing into the human visual spectrum as well as the infrared spectrum. This allows them to coordinate hunts and communicate via their bioluminescent patterns.

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