A Wisbear is a spirit type animal. The bear comes with blue and/or purple spirit swirls all around the body and on the head. The rest of the design for the Wispbear has an amount of what you want to design, The Wispbear as stated does tend to have the swirls but in most it is not swirls this is a genetic mutation on the body that allows it to have hooves and a horn, these horns can range from deer, to unicorn. Being 7 feet tall the wispbear has a great amount of fat that fat is at least 300 lbs worth.

Now consider the ToxicHound another creation by me. The ToxiHound can range from sizes to 3 ft tall to at least 6 ft tall, bigger than your average house cat. But about the same size as a wild cat. The Wispbear can beat the ToxiHound in a weight and height difference.

The average cub of the Wispbear is at least 3-4 feet tall. The average cub for the Toxihound 1-2 feet tall. The sizes and wieghts of these two very different animals comes from the actual folk lore of the HellHound as the actual HellHound is stated to be at least 10 feet tall. and weigh about 1300 lbs. The average bear is said to be at least 5 feet tall when standing on both hind legs. and weigh about 500-700 lbs.

Thank you - ToxiMutt 💕

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