Winterville Syrin
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WINTERVILLE SYRIN sometimes known as the PHEONIX

Discovered by Biologyst, Madeleine Nunan, in Southern Australia.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

This Species is a mix of different birds. It has a Hummingbirds wings, an Eagles eyes, A peacocks tail and a Hawks body.

Behaviour / Behaviour and intelligence / Society and cultureEdit

This bird is known to Mimic different sounds, for instence, if you said : "im going to the pool today" and a Syrin was nearby, you would hear something that sounds like what you just said. Depending on the voice, they can even mimic speaking patterns.

Range and population / DemographicsEdit

There are currently only 223 Winterville Syrins in the wild because they are a growing species. Their territory can have be as long as 30 kilometers squared.

Relationship with other speciesEdit

No found relation to other species


  • How long can the Winterville Syrin live?
  • ANSWER: This Syrin can life for up to 47 years.
  • Do they mate for life?
  • ANSWER: Yes, these Syrins mate for life, having relationships sometimes for up to 35 - 40 years.


the Pheonix or "winterville Syrin"

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