Urban House 
Sapience level Sapient and Non-sapient
Average height 12 inches
Location / range Various
Population status Abundant
Danger rating Various threats

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Whatnots are a race of humanoids that are found in the muppet universe. This kind of species are interchangable to perform a character in the muppet related shows, movies and video games. Examples of whatnots include Bubbles Gum, Lew Zealand, Bobby Benson, Annette, Marvin Suggs, Special Ed and The Gogolala Jubilee Jugband.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

Starting in the beginning of the 2 seasons in the Muppet Show, Some of the whatnots have noses either shaped like Fraggles or Koopas. Later whatnots have regular noses sculpted on the humanoids (from 1960s on). The Baabians from Planet 51 also had their shape refurbished for Escape from Planet Earth as well as these species did for later Muppet productions.


Whatnots often remove their organs and then add other parts on to themselves. These behaviors can also occur manually on the FAO Schwarz whatnots too.

Relationship with other speciesEdit


For a gallery of Whatnots. See Whatnot/Gallery.


  • FAO Schwarz has also released the toy called "Whatnot Workshop Kit" that can allow them to create their own whatnot and change them to what ever they want regardless of the character can be.
  • The monsters to these species are also included into the series and to the toy of them.

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