Sapience level Non-sapient
Average height 8.2 ft.
Diet Herbivore
Social unit Herd
Population status Common
Danger rating Significant threat

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Unths are tundra creatures with asymmetrical tusks.

Living in small herds on Darwin IV, unths exhibit behavioral traits characteristic of herbivorous social animals, including intraspecific aggression and a variety of displays. Unths are perpetually on the move in search of vegetation, but they must be constantly wary of an array of predators, including arrowtongues and skewers.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

Unths are buffalo-like aliens with two large tusks facing forward on their faces. They are heavy yet lightly built, able to run long distances but still be a formidable herbivore. They are bipedal, and rather than create sound through lungs they have secondary air sacks on their flanks, which create a recognizable 'unth' sound. Unths are named for the sound they make when they take a step.


They are social creatures, travelling across the vast tundra in large herds. Although they only have one gender, Unths still fight each other for the right to mate. After the duel, both creatures release pheromones that initiate the reproductive process. It is assumed they communicate via echolocation like most creatures on Darwin IV.


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