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 Mangrove trees in Everglades Island-coast Forest Domestic 
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average height 1 ft.
Location / range Charon
Diet Carnivore
Social unit Solitary
Population status Common
Danger rating Minimal threat
Created by Dyga19
More species by Dyga19

Trojjen (traw-jen) are small, chicken-sized carnivores native to Charon.

Certain tribes of Charonites will breed them, kill them, and harvest the hallucinagenic substance found in their bodies. This substance is then ingested for ritual religious purposes. Their flesh also produces a euphoric effect when eaten.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

Trojjen are small carnivorous bipeds. They are silicone-based, breathe methane, and substitute ammonia for water as a biological solvent. As a result of biological processes, they bioluminesce in a light blue color. Their mouthparts consist of a pair of pincers and another pair of razor-sharp, mantis-like mandibles. Trojjen also have horns on either side of their single thermal eye. They can also hear and smell, but their sense of electroperception is remarkably dull compared to other creatures. As a defense against predators, they release a hallucinagenic gas from vents on their back that can incapacitate most threats.


Trojjen are solitary predators that roam wetlands, forests, and the coasts of the large ammonia lakes that dot the surface of Charon. They search for smaller creatures, either charging and impaling them with their horns, or simply devouring them outright. They often compete with one another for mates and territory.

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