pl. Testificates 
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Sapience level Sapient
Location / range Overworld
Population status Vulnerable
Danger rating Harmless

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Species are villager (or testificate)

Testificate are a type of humanoide creature they live in some village in the overworld

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

They like are human without hair and a unieyebrows.

Behaviour / Behaviour and intelligence / Society and cultureEdit

They normaly live in peace in village, and they echange thing with humans.

They go in home whenever it's rain or it's nightime. They are feared and attacked by zombie.

Range and population / DemographicsEdit

Testificate subspeciesEdit

Relationship with other speciesEdit

Have a type of friendship with the construct iron golem. And they can echange with humans and are attached by zombie.


  • they seems to have construct the abandoned mine shaft.


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