Baraka, a Tarkatan general
 Desert Spirit-realm 
Sapience level Sapient
Average height Roughly human
Location / range Outworld (migrated from Netherrealm)
Diet Carnivore
Nature Savage, evil

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The Tarkata or Tarkatans are a race of demonic humanoids that inhabit the wastelands of Outworld.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

All full-blooded Tarkata are born with two retractable demonic blades in their arms consisting of bone. These Tarkatan arm blades span approximately four feet. Tarkatans also possess long pointy teeth, large mouths, and small spikes protruding from the rest of their bodies.


The Tarkata are a nomadic species, mainly populating Outworld's wastelands, though they in fact originate from the Netherrealm and migrated to Outworld.


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