Spiderman vs Carnage03:38

Spiderman vs Carnage

Example of a symbiote not even fully engaged in battle

Symbiotes are vicious biological organisms, they use a symbiotic bond with their hosts and envelop their hosts like costumes. Once the hosts body has been taken over, the Symbiote has full control. Edit

Powers & Abilities:

Superhuman strength: e.g Been just able to pick up a lorry and throw it with enough effort.

Superhuman Speed

Healing Factor: e.g Able to regenerate limbs with ease.

Absorbing: e.g Able to absorb weaponry and been able to use them in combat.

Limited Shape-shifting: e.g Able to generate mass and shape itself and create sharp limbs.

Storage Portables: e.g Able to absorb things into their endless gunky mass.

Sidenote: Also symbiotes can have some random powers e.g in the video "carnage" can absorb lifeforce

Appearance: They usually look like a black amorphous structure, incredibly muscular and with long sharp limbs and an unusually long tongue. Humanoid black gunk. Edit

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