A drawn photo of a Spornic Sophcalis

A Siportif is a creature in the animal kingdom discovered in 2009 by Brandon Battye. It is a mammal.

Conservation StatusEdit

There are 4 species of Siportif:

1. Spornic Sophcalis- 224000 left

2. Deatus Moralinus- 0 left

3. Timicor Ferno- 55 left

4. Grolm Fayner- 0 left

Spornic SophcalisEdit

Classification The Spornic Sophcalis is the most common type of Siportif. It is 'Near Threatened'. It is related to the cat and the human

Description It is about the size of a rabbit. It has bony thick legs with claws at the ends. The body is like a sausage. It has two big black eyes and sharp teeth. It is an Omnivore.

Habitat The Spornic Sophcalis lives is large pine forests. They hide behind trees. Sometimes, they live in swamps, lakes and streams. The places you can find them is in New Zealand, Australia and most places in Europe.

Behaviour The Spornic Sophcalis likes to run. It can run really fast. At around 20-35km per hour. It likes to hunt, play with and kill its prey. It also likes to play with other Spornic Sophcalis individuals.

Diet The Spornic Sophcalis likes to eat many foods. Vegetables, fruit, trees, Shrimp, Koura, Crayfish, bug larvae and many other stuff.

Deatus MoralinusEdit

Classification The Deatus Moralinus is extinct. It was around with the dinosaurs. It is related to the dinosaurs as well.

Description The Deatus Moralinus was as big as a brachiosaurus. It had teeth as large as a walrus. The body shape is the same as the Spornic It is a carnivore.

Habitat The Deatus Moralinus lived along deserts. Sometimes in forests

Behaviour (Unknown)

Diet The Deatus Moralinus ate many kinds of dinosaurs like raptors.

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