A species with nucular fire , a size that ranges to 489 ft to 2 miles,but is only 60 ft to 150 ft tall and have a wing span of 895 yards, and has a tail that has the poisons of the following, mambas,vipers,rattlers and a highly toxic chemical called carbon monoxide. Diet: it will literaly eat anything , but prefers human and dinosaur meat. Now protodons are split into three sub species which are frilled, mutant, and demon. the frilled are the smallest ranging to 236 ft to 300 ft and have no stinger. mutant are the largest and have a bite force 167 times greater than T rex !!! demon are the scariest of the three but are the most friendly and love to give rides to kids ,but they are the most protective. Oh and they are reptiles and are both bipedil and quadrapets. Either way they live on planet-x but they call it Robotron and it has halfe city and halfe unexploerd.

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