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 Mangrove trees in Everglades Forest 
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average height >1 ft.
Location / range Charon
Diet Carnivore
Social unit Solitary
Nature Timid
Population status Abundant
Danger rating Harmless
Created by Dyga19
More species by Dyga19

Pherre (feh-ray) are small, house-cat sized scavengers from Charon.

They are extremely low on the foodchain, and are eaten by virtually every carnivore on the planet. Due to the high chances of them becoming food, the mate often and produce hundreds of fertile eggs each time they lay. This is the only thing that prevents the species from becoming extinct.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

Pherre are small bipeds with ovular bodies. They have a single eye capable of seeing into the infrared spectrum, allowing them to detect the body heat of other creatures. They also have two fleshy, bulbous stalks on either side of this eye; these stalks are highly electrosensitive, and allow pherre to detect electromagnetic fields surrounding other organisms. Pherre bioluminesce in a purplish color.

They feed with a bone proboscis, which they insert into carrion and drain it of any remaining nutrients and minerals. When retracted it is protected by a tough layer of fleshy skin. Scent receptors line this layer of skin, allowing it to detect a "fresh" meal.


Largely solitary, pherre prefer forests or wetlands; this is because both environments provide ample cover for the small creatures to hide in. They spend their lives (often brief) searching for fresh carasses to drain nutrients, minerals, and ammonia from. They are extremely timid, and are frequently startled by the slightest movement or sound.

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