Opee Sea Killer
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average length 20 meters
Location / range Naboo
Diet Carnivore
Population status Common
Danger rating Lethal

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The opee sea killer, sometimes simply referred to as opee, is a large meat-eating crustaceous sea creature approximately twenty meters in length.

A hybrid of crustacean and fish, they inhabit the watery planet core of Naboo. It is the third largest predator on Naboo, only smaller than the colo claw fish and the even larger Sando aqua monster.

Anatomy and appearance Edit

The opee swims by sucking water into its mouth and jet propelling it from pores beneath armored plates at the rear of its body. This unique technique, coupled with three pairs of powerful legs and a pair of pectoral guidance fins, allows the opee to accelerate quickly underwater. Once in range of prey, the opee extends its massive adhesive tongue, successfully reeling in its prey to a vicious, gaping maw of multi-rowed teeth. The opee also uses the long, antennae-like stalks protruding from above its head as lures to draw prey towards its double rows of fangs.

From birth, opees can sustain themselves instinctively (and gruesomely); it is not unknown for unhatched opee eggs to be swallowed by colo claw fish, only to be killed in a grisly manner when the new-born young chew their way out of the colo's stomach. This can also occur if the colo swallows young opees alive.

Behavior Edit

The opee is often found clinging to rocky outcroppings, hidden in undersea caverns, or under ledges awaiting its prey. When forced to move, the opee is perfectly adapted to swim. It is highly aggressive and persistent when pursuing its food. Opees are known to be mouth breeders, with the male opee carrying fertilized eggs inside its mouth for three months—forcing the male to fast until the young are born.

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