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 Mangrove trees in Everglades Island-coast 
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average height 1-3 ft.
Location / range Charon
Diet Carnivore
Social unit Solitary
Population status Common
Danger rating Medium threat
Created by Dyga19
More species by Dyga19

Naxx (nahxe) are swan-sized carnivores native to Charon.

These creatures are very low on Charon's foodchain, and are the common prey of grekk and Charonites.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

Naxx are blind carnivores often found near ethanol lakes and rivers. They have comparitively small bodies and long, thin necks. They have two, thin electrosensitive bulbs on the back of their skull, surrounded by poisonous quills for defense. Their bony jaws are filled with needle-like teeth for catching small, aquatic organisms. Like all organisms native to Charon, they are silicone-based, use ammonia instead of water as a biological solvent, and breathe methane. They are also bioluminescent.


Naxx are solitary predators and scavengers. They are found near, rivers, wetlands, and the beaches of lakes. They wait patiently for small aquatic prey to swim nearby, then dart forth, seizing the prey in their jaws and devouring it. When live prey is scarce, naxx will wander about searching for carrion to eat.

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