Sapience level Sapient
Average height Varies
Diet Carnivore
Population status Rare
Danger rating Extreme threat

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Multi-forms (also called Face Tendrils) are a type of interdimensional shapeshifter.

Anantomy and appearanceEdit

In their natural form, multi-forms are eel-like with long bodies, wide eyes and long fangs, slightly resembling a viperfish. They are able to change their appearance by establishing a psychic link with another being and reading their minds; this puts the other being in a comatose state. With this link, the multi-form can take the shape of whatever the being is dreaming about. Besides specific individuals, multi-forms can also turn into a liquid or sand, allowing for quick escapes. Multi-forms are also known to use perception filters and have lifespans stretching milennia.


They can take the appearance of several beings at once, but they would appear to be touching and would still be one individual, sharing one voice and one mind. Also, the multiple heads can only look in a single direction at the same time. Though it would take months to connect to a individual, multi-forms could afford to do this due to their extremely long lifespans. .

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