The megasquid is about 12-feet (3.65 m) tall, 8 ton terrestrial air-breathing descendant of squid. 200 million years in the future, after mammals became extinct, squids filled in the niches, creating a new group, called Terasquids. The Megasquid is implied to have evolved from the Swampus, the first octopus to crawl onto land that lived prominently in the Bengal Swamps 100,000,000 years from the megasquid's time.

Anatomy and appearance Edit

With tentacles that extend to 10 feet (3 m) and rhino-like skin, the megasquid is a formidable creature. Eight of its arms have evolved to become legs that look like thick columns, each about 1/3 of a meter thick. The remaining two arms have evolved to become manipulatory tentacle-like appendages. Its locomotion is different from other animals: it first moves its right front and back legs and the left middle legs, then its left front and back legs and its right middle legs. Although it would appear that an invertebrate of this size would not be able to live on land (it would be crushed by gravity and lack of bones), it has specialized muscles that form rings and columns in the legs to form a mock skeleton-like supporting structure.

Behaviour Edit

It roams the northern forests of the planet. On its forehead is a pouch for producing a loud call akin to that of a frog. Its main food source is fruit.

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