Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Annelid

Class: Oligocheata

Order: Amphinomida

Family: Aberrantidae

Genus: Aberranta

Species: Marinuserilous

= Introduction Edit

Conservation Status Edit

The Marinuserilous is near threatened. There are about 20000 individuals left. This species was discovered in 1948. It was bought home to be identified. No one knew what it was, so he checked in at the department of conservation. None of them knew what it was either. They even checked on their database. So it was introduced as a new species. A few months later, the news was in the newspaper. In 1982, the department of conservation discovered the Marinuserilous was near threatened. That brings us here. We know all about it and are still looking for secrets.

Classification Edit

If you look at the above, the Marinuserilous is an Annelid in the Animalia kingdom. The class Oligochaeta is the fresh water class. Other than the leech type or the salt water type. Go to Wikipedia or something to find out about the other ranks.

= Background Infomation Edit

Description Edit

Habitat Edit

Diet Edit

= Ecology And Behaviour Edit

Offense/Defense Edit

Reproduction Edit

Life Cycle Edit

= Other Edit

Threats And Conservation Actions Edit

Conclusion Edit

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