Lodestone Marauder
 Desert Caves 
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average height 10 ft.
Diet Carnivore, Lithotroph
Population status Common
Danger rating Extreme threat

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Lodestone Marauders are frightful quadrapeds.

Lodestone marauders are dangerous creatures with and insatiable appetite for flesh and metal. Though wild and unpredictable, they were originally trained as guardians.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

Their skin resembles dull metal and is covered in rusty spikes. They can manipulate magnetic fields in order to repulse and attract metal. Lodestone marauders are the result of magical experimentation. These creatures spend their time hunting for prey and large caches of metal; they can metabolize both. Metal is assimilatedand used to strengthen their hides. As a marauder grows, so do the size and number of their spikes. Those that feed on worked metals grow faster than those that subsist on raw ore.


They are highly territorial, and will fend of any intruders they come across -- especially younger marauders. If they find an area with plentiful food, they gorge themselves and establish a den. There, it gathers a pile of metallic objects in order to attract a mate. Courtship is brief, but marauders mate for life. After breeding, females lay 2-6 eggs encased in iron which after after two months. Eggs are protected by both parents. Infants will stay with both parents for six months, then will leave to establish their own territories. Sometimes they can still be found as "guard dogs" for vaults, armories, and other strongholds.

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