Kelevants (KUH-lee-vints) are a species that thrive on the planet Kelerteurew (keh-LER-tuh-ROO). They are notable for discovering plasma technology, and it is their main source of power in front of hydroelectricity. The atmosphere has a mixture of elements required for life, so in visiting other places with low amounts of required sources, they require facial breath masks covering the eyes and mouth.


They are somewhat bipedal, but have small arms. Their hands resemble wet gloves with two fingers and a large thumb. Their feet have two toes, one in the front and one in the back. They come in a giant variety of patterns, and sometimes even solid colored or split down the middle. Their heads could resemble something if you pictured a brain and a head shell. Their torsos, arms, legs, and backs naturally resemble a well thin man. They also have hollow bones in the limbs but thicker bones closer in the center. They can often be seen streaking through the sky with their flappy skin and windsurfing dorsal fins.


Kelevants are very reclusive and stealthily confront many strange eyes. At first, kelevants are aggressively xenophobic, but they can forge strong bonds with many other races. Towards their kind, they are very caring, often more caring than with other species. They seem to value confidence, safety, courage, security, and philanthropy. They can always adjust to situations on a dime when it comes to friendly relationships.

Civics and DevelopmentEdit

Kelevants live in an oligarch republic. They select the most dominant to lead in the "3 Leaders." The 3 make decisions to benefit, and if a decision causes major dismay from any of the leaders, that particular leader is kicked out of office and is replaced by its runner-up.

Kelevants live skipping on the ground and dashing through the air. Their homes are very small, as the kelevants don't take up lots of space. The kelevants live with many plants and animals of the kind.

Kelevant children are born through a process of vomiting. The kelevant child is coated with a translucent regurgitation which it thrives upon until prepared for the atmosphere, which takes a matter of ten Earth minutes.


  • By some humans, they call them by their greek descriptives. Pleuropteryxaneusteses. This means rib-finned swimmers. They have fins on their ribs that let them actually swim around the atmosphere.
  • They have domestic pets, and are commonly called microtopses to humans and millifaces to kelevants.

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