Human Scale Parasite
 Sea/ocean Parasite 
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average length 3-4 ft. (estimate)
Diet Carnivore
Social unit Pack
Nature Aggressive
Population status Rare
Danger rating Lethal

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Human scale parasites (or HSPs) are dog-sized parasites of the Clover species.

The monster that attacked New York City was covered in 2,000 Parasites that are roughly the same weight and height as a dog. The parasites are suspected to be one of the reasons the monster made its violent emergence from the water and onto land.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

They have 10 legs consisting of six spider-like, double jointed limbs and 4 "pincers" on the top and back of its body. They have very large jaws, pale gray skin and multiple black eyes. The parasites' movement is unique in that they have the ability to climb walls and cling onto ceilings. Their leg movement is similar to that of spiders, and have the ability to jump great distance.

A yellow substance found around the mouths of the creatures was initially thought to be a sort of venom; however, further studies indicate that it may be a form of saliva. The parasites have concentrated levels of Seabed's Nectar in their blood, suggesting a link between the substance and the creatures bite. One theory is that water causes a reaction in the parasite's saliva that accelerates the degenerative process in the HSP's victims.

The life span of a victim varies between 20 to 40 minutes. Moments before death, victims of parasite bites exhibit symptoms of dizziness, bleeding from the eyes and nose, and vomiting blood. Finally, their bodies expand and the chest cavity explodes outward.


The parasites attack in pack coordination and prefer enclosed spaces for trapping and surprising their prey. They can also detect unsuspecting victims from afar, by an unknown method. They are highly aggressive and will attack and attempt to devour any human they come across, and likely attack other organisms they can conceivably eat as well.

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