Freshwater Wetland 
Sapience level Semi-Sapient
Location / range Black Lagoon, Amazon jungle
Population status Critically endangered
Danger rating Extreme threat

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Gillmen are a species of humanoid amphibians, relict from the Devonian period, which survive in small numbers in the poorly-explored region known as the Black Lagoon, somewhere in the Amazon rainforest.

Anatomy and PhysiologyEdit

The Gillman is a humanoid creature, about the size of a man, but possessing superior strength and resilience. It is able to survive and move as well on land as underwater. The creature’s skin appears scaly, unlike that of modern amphibians, but it does possess gills on the neck, ruling out the possibility of a reptilian nature. Its webbed paws aid in swimming, while retaining claws for attack. It also seems to be able to live in both fresh and salt water. The most notable physiological trait of this species is its remarkable resistance to physical damage, being able to survive and recover from shots and fire injuries. It has been stated that 35% of its blood consists of white cells with no nucleus. The Gillman’s most well-known weakness is that it’s highly vulnerable to rotenone. It will also retread from bright lights, which it’s not accustomed to due to the dark murky waters of its natural habitat


Despite a feral appearance and bestial behavior, the only known member of this race encountered by humans has also shown signs of considerable intelligence, such as by blocking the river with dams to trap boats within its territory, and prevent its victims from escaping. When set on fire, it readily jumps into the water; an act which probably cannot be due to instinct alone. Usually, the creature will stalk and kill those that penetrate his territory, but in some cases it will kidnap female humans for unclear purposes.

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