Sapience level is a classification that is used to measure the extent of a species' cognitive abilities. Sapient beings are typically those that can develop tools and technology, use language and reason.


Non-sapient: lacks the consciousness and self-awareness that is of personhood; often, such species are referred to as "creatures" or "beasts". e.g. Thanator

Semi-sapient: has some level of consciousness and can use simple tools, but not intelligent enough to be properly classified as sapient "persons". e.g. Wampa

Sapient: is self-aware, intelligent, and may have a developed culture or civilization comparable to that of humans. Generally referred to as "races" or "peoples". e.g. Night Elf

Varying sapience: sapience level varies greatly between individuals, from non-sapient to sapient. e.g. Deathclaw

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