FicSpecies aims to be a conclusive encyclopedia of fictional species. Accordingly, those are our two main criteria; before creating a new page, ask yourself the following two questions: (1) is it fictional? and (2) is it a species?

Is it fictional?Edit

FicSpecies purposefully uses a very loose definition of fictional, so any creature/race/being is considered fictional as long as it is NOT any of the following:

  • a. a scientifically recognized species of the animal, plant or any other kingdom (e.g. Human, Blue Whale).
  • b. any extinct such species (e.g. T. rex, Dodo, Velociraptor). This includes fictional representation of real dinosaurs (such as in the Jurrasic Park franchise), however inacurate they may be; on the other hand, entirely fictional dinosaur species (e.g. Yoshi) may be included.

Is it a species?Edit

FicSpecies is specifically focused on species, not individuals. Thus, a page titled "Chewbacca" is irrelevant and would be deleted whereas "Wookiee" is acceptable. Of course, there are some cases where a distinction is difficult (such as Yeti or Bigfoot), and the general rule is to be leanient in these cases. On the other hand, in cases where a name clearly refers to one particular individual, such as Loch Ness Monster or King Kong, such pages should not be included in the wiki (in this case, Lake monster and Megaprimatus kong are the relevant species names).