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Alongside those from established works of fiction, FicSpecies also allows users to create their own species.

User-created species follow the same page layout as other species on the wiki, so be sure to check out the layout guide before you get started. If you chose the "standard layout" option, remember to change the "species" template to a "user species" one. The only differences are that the universe field is replaced with user (which should be filled with your username, e.g. user=MyUserName, and there is also a license field, which should be filled with either private, semiprivate or in public domain.

Images are highly recommended, but not required. *cough* Make sure it's actually yours though; do not use another person's artwork without permission. If you don't have an image just make sure you add a detailed description of the creature to the "Anatomy and appearance" section.

Once you've read the layout guide, add your species by typing a name into the box below. Remember to add an asterisk * to the end of the name, to make it clear that this is a user-created species. Have fun!

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