Fell Beast
 Sky Desert Domestic 
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average length 30-40 ft. (estimate)
Diet Carnivore
Nature Aggressive
Population status Rare
Danger rating Lethal

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Fell beasts or Hell-Hawks are gigantic, reptillian aerial predators.

While the exact origin of the beasts is unknown, they were likely bred by Sauron from a creature of the Elder Days, in order to supply the Nazgûl with steeds. Fell beasts are huge, larger than any bird, and their wingspans are great. Their wings are made of hide stretched between bones like horned fingers; they have no feathers. They have long, serpentine necks and smell foul. Their screech is deafening, and their foul breath may even stun foes. Fell beasts are typically dark in color. they are also sensitive to bright light.

Fell beasts are highly aggressive. They prefer to eat meat, either rotten or fresh. It is possible to domesticate the creatures and ride them as mounts. When attacking, they can swoop down upon their enemy, grasp them in their claws, and then drop them from a great height. They also attack by clawing and biting enemies.

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