Fan Lizard
Fanisaurus pennatus
 Wetland Jungle 
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average length 45 cm
Diet Omnivore
Nature Timid
Population status Common
Danger rating Harmless

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Fan lizards (kenten to the Na'vi) are small nocturnal creatures that live on Pandora.

The fan lizard is a favorite among the young Na'vi who cherish this natural spectacle. At every opportunity, a Na'vi child will run through a field of ferns to disturb a group of resting fan lizards, and then marvel as the luminous magenta and purple discs float to the safety of a nearby branch. In the Pandoran twilight, this shimmering flight is strangely alien to the Na'vi.

An ancient dance (usually performed by the children) celebrates the lizard. Two dancers stand side by side to create a rigid "spine." Another group of children run by and taunt the pair, at which point the entwined dancers "unfurl" into a circular shape and "float" in a zig-zag pattern through the other dancers. This is usually accompanied by hufwe, or wind instruments.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

At first glance, this unique lizard appears to be little more than a dull, ruler-length reptile with few different features. In an instant, it morphs from dull to beautiful and then, just as rapidly, is once again a rather common-looking lizard.


Wings extended.

Fan lizards are known for the large retractable disk on their back. This disk has a structure similar to that of the Da Vinci Helicopter. This magenta and purple membrane is bioluminescent and used for flight as well as to ward off any attackers with the brilliant light display and sudden increase in size. Note that when the fan lizard uses the appendage, the movement causes the body to spin with it.

It is a nocturnal land omnivore that feeds on tree sap and small insects. They often feed in swamps.


The fan lizard is harmless and spends its' time feeding and avoiding predators. When agitated, however, it has wings that unfurl like a bioluminescent antique Chinese fan, allowing it to spin away to safety.

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