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Example Creature*
Hippo absurdius 

Sapience level Semi-sapient
Lifespan 300 years
Average height 3 feet
Diet Carnivore
Population status Common
Danger rating Lethal
Created by Dyga19
More species by Dyga19

Example Creatures are short purple hippopotamuses (hippopotami?) native to the North Pole.

The example creature likes to dance and bake apple pies. It also has a habit of collecting Richard Simmons paraphenalia. Example creatures live in small villages scattered across the North Pole.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

Example creatures are 3 foot tall purple humanoids that resemble hippos. They can shoot lasers from their eyes.


Example creatures gather in large warbands to go bow hunting. They are strict carnivores, their favored prey being clowns. They also enjoy book clubs and knitting.

Culture and societyEdit

Example creatures are a tribal society that worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster. On the third day of every month they throw huge parties and get super wasted in its' honor. Example creatures are also famous for inventing rocket-powered catapults and cow tipping; the combination of the two led to the messiest period in their history, commonly referred to as the "Oh dear lord what is that on the ceiling?!?!?" period.


Blue Example CreatureEdit

Example creatures have one known subspecies: a larger blue variety that lives at the South Pole. They are 5 feet tall and really like to chill out and listen to some Pink Floyd. They are currently at war with the other example creatures over a disagreement as to whether or not the Flying Spaghettti Monster is the son of Buddha.


  • Example creatures were originally pink, but their skin tone was changed to purple in later appearances.
  • Example creatures are loosely based on the examplataurs of Greek mythology.


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