Sapience level Sapient
Average height 4-6 ft.
Social unit Hive
Population status Common
Danger rating Medium threat

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Entymals are sapient insectoids from Endex, a world of many canyons.

As a species, Entymals are technically adept, earning an unprecedented reputation as brilliant pilots and navigators. This is possibly due to a finely honed spatial senses, enabled by their particular neuro-physiology

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

The insectoid Entymals are bipedal in form, their lanky frames covered in a hardened exoskeleton. They average 1.2 to 2 meters tall and shimmered a metallic-jade color in sunlight. Their pronounced heads were small and bulbous in form, dominated by two large jewel-like eyes.

A thin chitinous membrane extends from their abdomen to each wrist joint. It can unfold into a wing-like structure, providing limited gliding capability. Under standard gravity conditions, an Entymal can glide somewhere between 60 and 100 meters, depending on wind conditions. A large landing area is required (typically 6 meters of flat surface) to make a successful running landing. Entymal hands end in numerous fingers, and their legs are double jointed. Entymals walk either upright or hunched over, using all four limbs for locomotion. Entymal usually have spikes extending from all over their body.

Society and cultureEdit

Entymal society follows a classic hive arrangement; a fertile queen served by barren females and a court of rare male drones. Male drones couple with the queen in an elaborate mating ritual to produce the next generation of Entymasl. This ritual also serves as a death ritual for the males, who die shortly after mating. This terminal courtship gives the Entymal little capacity to comprehend the displays of affection common among other species. As a result male Entymals found human romantic endeavors disquieting and disagreeable.

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