Dalek in typical armour suit
Sapience level Sapient
Average height 5-6 ft. in armor (estimate)
Population status Critically endangered
Subspecies Hybrid Dalek
Related species Kaled

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The Daleks are a breed of genetically altered Kaleds from the planet Skaro.


The Daleks were created by a Kaled war scientist called Davros under orders from the Kaled high council. The project was designed to build a weapon capable of defeating their ancient enemy, the Thals; Davros betrayed the council and instead designed his own supreme being, capable of surviving the nuclear wasteland that Skaro had become.

Davros removed from his creation all emotions other than hatred and contempt. The Dalek is a genius programmed from birth to regard all other species as inferior, a lack of foresight on the part of their creator; the Daleks eventually killed him (although he was ressurected). Before their fall at the hands of the Time Lords the Dalek race split into two factions, the renegade Daleks, under the command of the Supreme Dalek, and the Imperial Daleks, under the command of the Dalek emperor (the resurrected Davros)

The Dalek organism itself is a misshappen mass of tancles and discolored flesh, with a single eye in the center. The lifeforms arethen integrated with mechanical, tank-like suits, which have force shields that can disintigrate any incoming projectiles as well as a laser capable of killing a human in a single shot. Famously they cannot climb stairs, but they can hover to solve this problem. Daleks also have the ability to time travel, both using their own time machine and by performing a temporal shift (this ability may be limited to only a few individuals). They can also hack complex computer systems in a matter of seconds.

The Daleks wish to exterminate the species they consider inferior (i.e. all of them). They shout 'Ex-ter-min-ate!' before fighting and/or killing; they rarely use the word 'kill', preferring 'exterminate'.

Hybrid DalekEdit

The human-Dalek hybrids originated out of the many experiments on Dalek flesh in the sewers of New York City in the early 1930s. These experiments, research of the Cult of Skaro (who had access to time travel technology), resulted in the so-called "Final Experiment".

This "Final Experiment" involved Mr Diagoras, head of constructing the Empire State Building and the human selected as most Dalek-like, being merged with the body of Dalek Sec, leader of the Cult, inside the Dalek Supreme's casing. The experiment was to allow the Daleks to have a new life and to recreate the Dalek Empire. This Hybrid Dalek was later killed, rendering the subspecies extinct.