Sapience level Non-sapient
Average length 5.9 ft.
Diet Carnivore
Population status Vulnerable
Danger rating Extrem threat

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Daggerwrists are aggressive, gliding extraterrestrials which live in the pocket forests of Darwin IV.

They are built in a manner similar to that of a leopard, but are faster. They can glide, and have a somewhat reptilian appearance. They have spikes on their back that can be raised and lowered. It preys on trunk suckers, mainly to consume the sap they have digested first.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

It has a retractable feeding tube that can suck out its prey's body fluids. The daggerwrist has two scythe-like claws, which are used as weapons and for climbing. They sink so deep into trees that the sap bleeds to the surface, which in turn attract the trunk suckers.

They utilize patagia - thin membranes of skin - to allow them to glide between trees, which is stretched between their front and back legs. Spines along their back aid in this gliding by providing them with extra agility, but they also serve the function of a rearward defense.

They also use powerful muscles in their legs to allow them to make great leaps to maximize the distance they can cross on each glide. Like many other species on Darwin IV, they utilize bioluminescent lights. Their forelimbs are shaped like scythes, and are used not only for climbing, but for hanging and swinging on branches while up high, and are also used to make kills.


If there was any Darwinian organism other than the floating Eosapiens to exhibit a well-developed social behavior, it is the daggerwrists. Found exclusively confined to the dwindling pocket-forests dotting the planetary surface, they will travel in small bands, communicating to one another through bursts of sonar pings while following the movements of their small, quick aerial prey. However, despite this social structure, they are not above cannibalistic behavior.

Relationship with Trunk SuckerEdit

Their main prey are the trunk suckers, which are attracted to the large holes in the Darwinian trees that they create due to the strength and sharpness of the daggerwrist's forelimbs. The trunk-suckers come for the bleeding sap, which is exactly what the daggerwrists want them to take. Once their prey has consumed enough sap, they descend upon it. Unlike most of Darwin IV's predatory creatures, daggerwrists have what appear to be a lower jaw, although it is in fact a portion of the skull which detaches from the rest of the face to stab its victim and inject the necessary digestive enzymes.

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