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File:Http:// media/screenshot/1217/creeper papercraft by ub3rm4ster-d3e491l 2098145.jpg

 pl. Creepers 
Sapience level Semi-sapient
Location / range The Overworld
Population status Common
Danger rating Extreme Threat
Subspecies Charged Creeper

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Creepers are creatures from Minecraft.

Creepers are supposedly made of plants and explode when encountering a human. When it is struck by lightning, they become Super Charged Creepers.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

Green, armless, humanoid, four short legs. Facial expression appears to be forever stuck in a pained moan.

Behaviour / Behaviour and intelligence / Society and cultureEdit

Show no signs of being sentinent, besides being able to ride minecarts. They appear to have some sort of fear/hatred towards humans.

Range and population / DemographicsEdit

Appear in any biome in The Overworld, yet only at night. but can also survive in the day other than zombies or any other creature that spawns at night.

Creeper subspeciesEdit

Charged Creeper

Relationship with other speciesEdit

Hates humans, fears felines.


  • Creepers posess an unexplained aversion to felines, and will avoid them when possible, sometimes standing perfectly still when cornered. Felines, however, display no interest in a cornered Creeper, acting as if there were nothing there.
  • If killed by a stray arrow fired by a Skeleton, another hostile mob of the same game, its body will produce a vinyl record before it disappears. Whatever the means by which it produces this object, it happens with 100% certainty if the conditions are met.


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