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 Hills Mountains Urban Caves Desert 
Sapience level Sapient
Lifespan 50-60 years
Average height 7-8 ft.
Diet Carnivore
Nature Peaceful
Population status Near Extinct
Danger rating Significant Threat
Created by Dyga19
More species by Dyga19

Charonites are an ancient race native to the planet Charon. They are a race of peaceful carnivores that are now nearly extinct.

Their race once controlled a mighty space faring empire dedicated to terraforming planets and populating them with artificially engineered organisms, as well as studying life as a whole. Their empire began to decline when their sun started to die, and would eventually turn into a black hole. Before this could happen, they built six massive towers in the shape of a double-helix. These towers still exist today and are somehow able to maintain stable orbit around the black hole, as well as the atmosphere and other life-sustaining aspects of the planet. Today Charonites survive in small tribes spread around Charon. Each tribe contains no more than 1,000 individuals. These tribes prefer to make their homes in the hills, mountains, caves, and ruins of Charons' wastelands.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

Charonites are silicon-based bipeds with reptilian characteristics, although they are completely unrelated to reptiles. They are a predatory species with senses that are much sharper than that of a human. Their eyes are able to see well into the infrared spectrum, allowing them to detect the body heat of other lifeforms, and their six forward-facing nostrils are extremely sensitive. Two clusters of electrosensitive tendrils hang from either side of the face, allowing them to detect the electromagnetic signature of other living creatures.

The flexible skeleton of Charonites allow them to move just as easily on four legs as on two. Six hollow spines along the back are filled with small holes that allow for the passage of air into four lungs, and a stinger tipped tail allows them to quickly kill their prey with a deadly neurotoxin. Like most creatures native to Charon, they display biolumenescent patterns.

Males are typically smaller than females, but have larger spines and stingers.

Society and cultureEdit

In ancient times, Charonite society was organized into small, technologically advanced settlements of about 10,000 individuals. These settlements were populated largely with biological researchers, engineers, artisans, merchants, and shamans. Charonite offspring would be raised be the community, their biological parents having little to due with them after laying the eggs. When biologically mature, Charonites would move into seperate housing with others of similar tempermant and interests; housemates would typically form close, family-like bonds with one another. Although the present population is much smaller and less technologically advanced, little has changed in terms of their culture and society.

Virtually all aspects of their technology and architecture were biomehanical in nature. Charonites would genetically engineer organisms for a variety of purposes, including plant-like lifeforms for housing, and whale and squid like creatures that served as starships. Those that lived off-world would do so on massive turtle-like spacestations that contained their own unique ecologies made up of species from other planets. Although peaceful, they developed many advanced weapons in the name of self-defense.

Spiritually, liitle has changed for the Charonites since ancient times. Their religion is highly shamanistic, involving the use of psychedelics in order to communicate with spirits. To the Charonites, spirits are the conscious incarnations of the dead, the natural world, and of ideas themselves. They believe the universe exists in seven dimensions at once; three of space and three of thoughts, seperated by one dimension of time. Thus, it was time that divided the physical world from the dream-like, immaterial aspects of the universe. Certain psychedelic substances are viewed as "keys" to this realm, which shamans ingest in order to visit the other dimensions of reality and bring back healing and guidance for their fellows.

Aside from the shamanistic aspects of their religion, their philosophy could be compared to certain schools of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. There is minimal dogma, the main rule being to respect, protect, and propogate all life (their only exceptions being self-defense and the need to eat). To the Charonites, all time is now, the past and future present in every moment.

Hunting is used as a form of meditation and spiritual exercise. Hunters will gather in groups of 3-5 and go on week, sometimes month-long, expeditions in search of food and any useable technology left behind by their ancestors.

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