Bark Scorpion
Common Bark Scorpion
 Desert Caves Hills Urban 
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average length 2-3 ft. (estimate of typical specimen)
Location / range Mojave Wasteland
Diet Carnivore
Nature Aggressive
Population status Common
Danger rating Extreme threat
Related species Radscorpion

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Bark scorpions are a strain of radscorpion native to the Mojave Wasteland

They evolved from Arizona bark scorpions. Despite being similar to the radscorpion, they do not get along with their larger and more violent cousins, and are frequently preyed upon by them.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

While significantly weaker physically than their heavier-bodied cousins, the bark scorpion has dramatically more dangerous venom; it causes more damage over time, as well as blurred vision. Antivenom will negate the venom's effects. They are easily identified from other species of mutant scorpions by their mottled, brownish carapace and the fact that they are much smaller than the larger radscorpion. This, along with their low-profile, allow them to easily blend in with the landscape.


Bark scorpions differ from radscorpions not only in size and coloration, but in attack methodology. Whereas radscorpions tend to engage a target the second they see it, bark scorpions tend to hang back and try to outflank the player if at all possible. This is made worse by their tendency to jump short distances if they detect prey that's gotten too close in a hurry. If encountered in numbers, they frequently try to surround their intended target. Bark scorpions are primarily found in the desert of the Mojave Wasteland outside of buildings and off of main roads and on very rare occasions in abandoned buildings.



Among bark scorpions, these are the larger and more aggressive individuals. They are generally found in the same areas as their smaller counterparts, and can be difficult to distinguish from regular bark scorpions.

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