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Atyraks are a kind of hound that lives in the depths of the earth and feasts on anything they can find.

Atyraks are hunters/scavangers that eat anything and have a lethal toxin in their claws that can kill a grown man in an instant. They are ruthless and will even take on creatures three times their size.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

They are usually hairless and have only a crest of hair going down their back. they have large feet and long claws for digging and hunting. They have a very canine appearance.

Behaviour / Behaviour and intelligence / Society and cultureEdit

They are very intelligent and can communicate with one another in order to catch prey. They hunt in packs and are led by an alpha male.

Range and population / DemographicsEdit

They are extremely common in the lower parts of earth. They live in caves, mines, sewers, and empty subways. Atyraks never actually come to the surfae of the earth because the sunlight hurts their sensitive eyes.

Relationship with other speciesEdit

To an Atyrak, anything that isn't another one of their species is food. They don't like to be around other creatures and if they can, they eat them.

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